(LONDON, August 25, 2022)—On August 25, the U.K. government announced its intention to intervene in support of The Gambia’s case against Myanmar at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), where The Gambia alleges that Myanmar is responsible for genocide against Rohingya. 

Fortify Rights has consistently called on states to support The Gambia’s case against Myanmar, including through private advocacy meetings with the U.K.’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office in Yangon and London and through news releases, op-eds, and other written communications. Announcing the decision to intervene at the ICJ, U.K. Minister for Asia Amanda Milling also noted that Rohingya had been systematically denied their rights to citizenship and other attendant rights, echoing Fortify Rights’s recommendations for the repeal of the 1982 Citizenship Law and restoration of Rohingya citizenship.

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