(BANGKOK, March 27, 2024)—On March 27, 2024, Thailand’s House of Representatives approved the third reading of the draft Act for Amendment to the Civil and Commercial Code, commonly known as the marriage equality bill. This bill, if passed into law, would extend equal access to the right to marriage for LGBTI+ persons.

Fortify Rights has been monitoring and advocating for approval of the marriage equality bill since June 2022, publishing nine publications on the legislative process and highlighting specific concerns, authoring two op-eds about the bill and the need for marriage equality, creating two films, and engaging in more than a dozen strategic meetings and events with people in power. On January 3, 2024, Thailand’s parliamentary committee working on the marriage bill appointed Fortify Rights Human Rights Associate Mookdapa Yangyuenpradorn to serve as an advisor to the committee.

After passing the lower house, the bill now moves onto the Senate for further consideration. 

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