(BANGKOK, June 2023)—On June 3, 2023, members of Amnesty International-Thailand elected The Fort Director and former Senior Thailand Human Rights Specialist at Fortify Rights Puttanee Kangkun to the position of Board Chair of the Amnesty International-Thailand’s Board of Directors. 

“I want to see Amnesty Thailand as a human rights organization that is accessible and understood by the public, promotes awareness that human rights are for all, and advises society and governments on human rights issues,” said Puttanee Kangkun about her hopes as the Chair of Amnesty International- Thailand.

For more than 20 years, Puttanee Kangkun has campaigned for the rights of refugees, human rights defenders implicated in judicial harassment cases, and survivors of human rights abuses in Thailand’s southernmost provinces and beyond. In the volunteer position, Puttanee Kangkun will support Amnesty International-Thailand’s work in accordance with the principles of human rights while continuing in her role as the Director of The Fort. 

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