(MYANMAR, January 2023)—On January 30, 2023, the National Unity Government (NUG) of Myanmar’s Ministry of Human Rights issued a statement in support of the universal jurisdiction complaint filed in Germany by Fortify Rights and 16 Myanmar complainants. The NUG also communicated its endorsement on social media, including in three tweets expressing support for the complaint. One tweet in English posted on January 28, 2023, said:

@mohr_nug welcomes the growing number of criminal cases around the world brought against members of Myanmar’s failed military junta under the exercise of universal jurisdiction. We #myanmar look to international courts and accountability mechanisms for support to #EndImpunity.

The NUG posted earlier tweets in French on January 25, 2023 expressing similar support for complaint and on in English on January 21, 2023 promoting Fortify Rights’s press conference about the filing of the universal jurisdiction complaint in Germany. 

On January 19, Fortify Rights briefed members of the NUG Cabinet about the complaint, specifically requesting its public support.

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