The Terrifying Night

August 24, 2021

Four years on from #Myanmar military-led genocidal attacks against #Rohingya in Rakhine State, survivors have yet to receive justice. Listen to the voices of six poets from Rohingya Art Garden as they retell their journeys, and honor their search for accountability.

‘The Terrifying Night’

I can’t forget
I’ll never forget the twenty-seventeen.


They burnt down all the villages,
Living and non-living
The red river under the ashes  

I still recall the scenarios.


Our dreams, our hopes;
All were set on fire without our fault 

They shot and deported us
Now we are stateless.

Ishrat Bibi

The hunting soldiers besieged our village,
They raped girls, women, and even old 
and celebrated victory

They scream like dogs.
I was scared and escaped. 

Aejas Ruhul Amin

I dove into the sea for life 

Many babies have drowned 

Wherever I swim, there is pile of dead  

Floating like the cut woods

Royal Hussein

Breathing sounds along the way
Old men rely on sticks

Such is voyage like a desert

Thirst, illness and insomnia
The Death Angel has no time to rest.

Jainwaz Salim

Where is the city
that has justice? 

I’ve been searching for it everywhere
Nowhere I find its feature. 

Thida Shania

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