(NEW DELHI, July 27, 2022)— On July 27, 2022, the Rohingya-led Rohingya Human Rights Initiative (RHRI) issued a statement calling for international action against the junta in Myanmar following the execution of four prominent democracy activists in Myanmar. In the statement, RHRI advocated for international sanctions against the Myanmar junta and its allied companies and for the international community to end any engagement with the junta. 

RHRI is a non-government organization registered in India working towards empowering the Rohingya community and promoting the human rights of all persons. RHRI strives to provide timely emergency relief to persons affected by natural disasters and human rights violations; facilitates education and other developmental opportunities for Rohingya children and youth; and advocates to secure a better future for the Rohingya community and the people of Myanmar.

Fortify Rights provided technical assistance in drafting and promoting the statement on social media. 

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