Rohingya women organize for change

Rohingya women have suffered for decades, but we are more than victims.

In Myanmar, we are denied opportunities, dehumanized, and destroyed. In the diaspora, we are creating our own opportunities, and using our skills, we are standing for the people.

In Kuala Lumpur, we, Rohingya women, came together as a community for three days to continue the work of addressing the issues facing our society. We are doctors, journalists, housewives, social workers, students, teachers, tailors. But we are all activists who have talents and knowledge and insight that can be used to improve our community.

Many of us have men in our lives who support us. They stand behind us and encourage us—they trust us, they believe us, and they tell us they are proud of us to be leaders within our community and to act as an example for the next generation. We are united. As Rohingya women, we seek to work side by side with men—to neither lead nor be led.

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