The Myanmar Military Junta’s Deprivation of Lifesaving Aid in Karenni (Kayah) State

Since the deadly military coup d’état in Myanmar on February 1, 2021, the Myanmar military junta has killed, tortured, and otherwise persecuted civilians, forcibly displacing hundreds of thousands nationwide. In Karenni State—also known as Kayah State—rather than ensure humanitarian aid reached civilians in need, the junta arbitrarily arrested aid workers, destroyed civilian food stocks and non-military objects, prevented the delivery of food and medical supplies at military checkpoints, and delayed or denied administrative approvals for local, national, and international aid organizations. This flash report finds that these ongoing acts may constitute war crimes.

While military-led attacks on civilians increase and impunity for atrocity crimes is further entrenched, the military junta continues to deny any wrongdoing.

To ensure lifesaving aid for an increasing number of civilians forcibly displaced in the country, this report recommends that Thailand, India, China, and Bangladesh authorize agencies to deliver cross-border humanitarian aid to Myanmar, directly as well as through community-based partners.

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