(BANGKOK, August 2021)—Azimul Hasson, a media fellow with Fortify Rights, was selected as a winner of OXFAM’s Rohingya Arts Campaign 2021. He submitted two photos, “Rooftops” and “Aftermath of Fire.” In the photographs, the nineteen-year-old poet and photographer, Azimul Hasson, captures scenes from a devastating fire in the Cox’s Bazar refugee camps. On March 22, flames ripped through the camp, destroying 11,000 shelters and leaving 45,000 people displaced. In the photograph entitled “Rooftops,” Azimul captures a shot of refugee men standing atop a bamboo and tarpaulin shelter watching the blaze, while in the second photo, entitled “Aftermath of the Fire” he shows the scene of devastation.

Art is essential to Azimul. “Writing poetry is my passion,” he told Fortify Rights, adding:

“It allows me to enter a world where I find no injustice, discrimination, or division of religion. Photography is my dream. I work as a photographer for my Rohingya people. It is important because there are many things journalists miss—but I live in the camps and am myself a refugee, so I can capture the daily reality of my community. Through my photos, the world can be updated about the situation in the refugee camps.”

Azimul Hasson is a Media Fellow with Fortify Rights. To see more of his photography, follow him on Instagram @azimulhass.

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