(COX’S BAZAR, August 25, 2021)—On August 25, ten Rohingya camp-based groups in Bangladesh produced a joint statement to mark the genocidal attacks by the military that took place on August 25 in 2017 in Rakhine State. The opening of the statement reads: 

Today, 25 August, is the fourth anniversary of the Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day. We mark this day so that all future generations of Rohingya will know what happened to our people. We, the undersigned organizations, remember, mourn, and call for accountability for the atrocity crimes committed by the Myanmar security forces including genocide and crimes against humanity.” 

The statement called for a Rohingya genocide determination, an end to impunity, and the international community to advance mechanisms to ensure justice and accountability for crimes committed by the Myanmar military. The statement also called on the National Unity Government of Myanmar to work more effectively with the Rohingya people and for the junta to end its attack on the people of Myanmar. 

The Daily Star  covered the statement in the media.

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