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May 21 2019

NEWS RELEASE | Myanmar: Drop Case Against Rakhine Journalist Aung Marm Oo

Repeal Unlawful Associations Act, protect freedom of expression and association Read the news release
April 10 2019

STATEMENT | We are Real, We Exist, and Our Voices Should be heard.

Rohingya women organize for change Read the statement
March 27 2019

NEWS RELEASE | Malaysia: Ensure Accountability for Mass Graves, Human Trafficking Atrocities Against Rohingya

Report finds trafficking syndicate committed crimes against humanity Read the news release
March 27 2019

REPORT | "Sold Like Fish"

Crimes Against Humanity, Mass Graves, and Human Trafficking from Myanmar and Bangladesh to Malaysia from 2012 to 2015 Read the report
March 25 2019

JOINT LETTER | Letter to the UN Secretary General calling for an open and transparent review of UN operations in Myanmar

Read the joint letter