Human rights violations happen every day without justice or accountability.

People are being killed, trafficked, and silenced.

Changing laws, policies, and practices can prevent violations and ensure rights.

We work to create that change.

We investigate human rights violations.
We engage people with power on solutions.
We strengthen the work of human rights defenders.
We investigate

We collect, document, and analyze evidence of human rights violations.

We have documented and exposed genocide and mass atrocity crimes in Myanmar, attacks on women human rights defenders in Thailand, restrictions on free speech in Malaysia, and the continued human trafficking and indefinite detention of refugees in Southeast Asia.

We engage

We share our evidence-based research findings on violations and recommendations for solutions with people with power.

Alongside our partners, we have held audiences with senior government officials in the countries where we work, the U.N. Security Council, the White House, with U.K. and E.U. members of parliament, and others.

We strengthen

We train, protect, and create opportunities for human rights defenders and affected communities.

Our partners include human rights defenders, civil society organizations, survivors of violations, and displaced communities in Southeast Asia.

We envision a future where…

Perpetrators of human rights violations are held accountable.

Survivors of human trafficking, refugees, and other people-on-the-move have access to full rights and protections.

Human rights defenders exercise their rights without fear of reprisals.

Our work depends on the generous support of our partners

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