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November 14 2018

NEWS RELEASE | Malaysia: Abolish Capital Punishment, Deterrence Argument Unfounded

Prime Minister’s Department Minister for Law pledges to abolish death penalty Read the news release
November 12 2018

NEWS RELEASE | Bangladesh: Protect Rohingya Refugees, End Threats and Intimidation

Refugees fear forced returns to Myanmar amidst threats, physical assault Read the news release
November 05 2018

NEWS RELEASE | Thailand: End Child Detention, Protect All Children

National Human Rights Commission of Thailand releases findings on death of Rohingya refugee girl in detention Read the news release Read the news release (Thai)
October 24 2018

COMMENTARY | Mass atrocities and human trafficking: Rohingya Muslims on the move

By Puttanee Kangkun and John Quinley III in Humanitarian Exchange Magazine Read the article