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February 18 2015

PRESS RELEASE | Myanmar: Overturn Wrongful Conviction of Brang Shawng

Kachin man convicted for implicating military in death of his daughter Read the press release
February 3 2015

PRESS RELEASE | Myanmar: Prosecute Perpetrators, Not Human Rights Defenders

Authorities Threaten Media & Critics for Implicating Military in Kachin Killings Read the press release
January 27 2015

PRESS RELEASE | Thailand: Government Drops Prison-Labor Plan, More Protections Needed

Read the press release
January 15 2015

PRESS RELEASE | Thailand: Scrap Plan to Send Prison Labor to Fishing Boats

Thai Prison-Labor Scheme Draws International Condemnation Read the press release
January 14 2015

OPEN LETTER | To Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha

Re: Recruitment of Prisoners to Work on Thai Fishing Boats Read the letter
December 18 2014

PRESS RELEASE | Myanmar: Drop Charges against Father of Slain School-Girl

Military Charges Man for Complaint to Human Rights Commission Read the press release
December 8 2014

OPEN LETTER | To President Thein Sein

Re: Prosecution of Shayam Brang Shawng Read the letter
December 3 2014

COMMENTARY | Burma’s Soldiers Beware

By Matthew Smith on Wall Street Journal Read the article
November 7 2014

PRESS RELEASE | Myanmar: Authorities Complicit in Rohingya Trafficking, Smuggling

End Persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State Read the press release & briefing
November 6 2014

PRESS RELEASE | Myanmar: End Military Attacks On Kachin And Shan Civilians

War Crimes Continue with Impunity in Northern Myanmar Read the press release & briefing
August 5 2014

PRESS RELEASE | Myanmar: Release Rohingya Political Prisoner Kyaw Hla Aung

End Ongoing Persecution of Rohingya Read the press release
Kyaw Hla Aung
July 3 2014

COMMENTARY | Myanmar’s Tainted Democratic Transition

By Matthew Smith on Al Jazeera America Read the article
June 25 2014

PRESS RELEASE | Fortify Rights Executive Director Wins 2014 Echoing Green Fellowship

Read the press release
June 9 2014

REPORT | "I Thought They Would Kill Me"

Ending Wartime Torture in Northern Myanmar Download the report (6MB PDF)
I Thought The Would Kill Me Cover
June 9 2014

PRESS RELEASE | Myanmar: End Wartime Torture in Kachin State and northern Shan State

Ongoing War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, Unmet Humanitarian Needs Read the press release
March 21 2014

COMMENTARY | Myanmar’s Policies of Persecution

By Taylor Landis in Harvard Law Human Rights Program Read the article
March 13 2014

COMMENTARY | Burma's Ethnic Persecution is State Policy

By Matthew Smith in The Wall Street Journal Read the article
February 25 2014

REPORT | Policies of Persecution

Ending Abusive State Policies Against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar Download the report (47.5MB PDF)
Policies of Persecution
February 25 2014

PRESS RELEASE | Myanmar: Abolish Abusive Restrictions & Practices Against Rohingya Muslims

Leaked Documents Implicate Government Actors in Crimes Against Humanity Read the press release
January 23 2014

PRESS RELEASE | Myanmar: End Mass Arrests of Muslim Men and Boys in Rakhine State, Protect At-Risk Communities

Grant Immediate Humanitarian Access, Ensure Accountability for Violations Read the press release
December 18 2013

COMMENTARY | Women's voices not being heard in peace talks

By Taylor Landis in the Myanmar Times Read the article
November 27 2013

COMMENTARY | Myanmar's Economy Needs Human Rights Reforms

By Matthew Smith in The Huffington Post Read the article
October 9 2013

PRESS RELEASE | UN General Assembly: Establish Clear Benchmarks To Address Continuing Abuses In Myanmar

Wartime Abuses in Kachin State, “Ethnic Cleansing” in Rakhine State, Tens of Thousands Denied Access to Aid Read the press release
July 16 2013

COMMENTARY | Tour of shame for Thein Sein

By Matthew Smith in Asia Times Online Read the article
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