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July 05 2016

PRESS RELEASE | Myanmar: Investigate Destruction of Religious Buildings

Hold Perpetrators Accountable, Ensure Protection for Religious Minorities Read the press release
July 05 2016

JOINT STATEMENT | End Impunity: A Call for Accountability for Crimes against Religious Minorities in Myanmar

Read the press release Download in Burmese
July 1 2016

PRESS RELEASE | Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia: End Human Trafficking, Protect Survivors

U.S. trafficking report gives Myanmar lowest ranking, fails to accurately assess Thailand, Malaysia Read the press release Download the press release (Thai) Download the press release (Burmese)
June 30 2016

OPEN LETTER | To The Honorable John F. Kerry

Thailand’s Designation in the 2016 Global Trafficking in Persons Report Read the letter Download the press release (Thai)
June 28 2016

PRESS RELEASE | Thailand: Protect Ethnic-Rohingya Human Rights Defenders

Uphold Rights to Liberty and Freedom of Expression Read the press release Download the press release (Thai)
June 17 2016

PRESS RELEASE | Myanmar: Release Four “Rohingya Calendar” Political Prisoners

Conviction violates freedom of expression Read the press release
June 15 2016

COMMENTARY | Paving the Way for Peace in Burma

By David Baulk in The Wall Street Journal Read the article
June 09 2016

JOINT STATEMENT | Five Years of War: A Call for Peace, Justice, and Accountability in Myanmar

Read the joint statement Download the joint statement (Burmese)
June 08 2016

Remarks | One Year After the Andaman Sea Refugee Crisis End Detention and Bring Justice to Survivors of Human Trafficking

Download the remarks Download the remarks (Thai)
June 08 2016

PRESS RELEASE | Thailand: One Year After Boat Crisis, Protection Still Lacking for Rohingya Refugees and Human Trafficking Survivors

End Arbitrary and Indefinite Detention, Abolish “Push Back” Policy Read the press release