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June 30 2016

OPEN LETTER | To The Honorable John F. Kerry

Thailand’s Designation in the 2016 Global Trafficking in Persons Report Read the letter
June 28 2016

PRESS RELEASE | Thailand: Protect Ethnic-Rohingya Human Rights Defenders

Uphold Rights to Liberty and Freedom of Expression Read the press release Download the press release (Thai)
June 17 2016

PRESS RELEASE | Myanmar: Release Four “Rohingya Calendar” Political Prisoners

Conviction violates freedom of expression Read the press release
June 15 2016

COMMENTARY | Paving the Way for Peace in Burma

By David Baulk in The Wall Street Journal Read the article
June 09 2016

JOINT STATEMENT | Five Years of War: A Call for Peace, Justice, and Accountability in Myanmar

Read the joint statement Download the joint statement (Burmese)
June 08 2016

Remarks | One Year After the Andaman Sea Refugee Crisis End Detention and Bring Justice to Survivors of Human Trafficking

Download the remarks Download the remarks (Thai)
June 08 2016

PRESS RELEASE | Thailand: One Year After Boat Crisis, Protection Still Lacking for Rohingya Refugees and Human Trafficking Survivors

End Arbitrary and Indefinite Detention, Abolish “Push Back” Policy Read the press release